Can users move items between cards?

Just installed this. It looks like only admins can move the cards, is there a way to change it so users can also move them, or to set the user level required to move a card?


Are you using category mode or tags mode? If it’s tags, search for ‘min trust level to tag topics’ in your forum settings.
I think there’s a similar setting for “min level allowed to recategorize topics”

You can try manually promoting a user to trust level 3, that should also give them the required permissions.



strange, i don’t see any of those, or that option when i search ‘tags’ thanks for replying.

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search for “min trust” instead, it should show up


yes, that’s it thanks. although ours is set to 0:New User.

i suppose that makes sense as a user can create a tag, they just can’t edit tags of others posts which is needed when they are dragging a task to another column.

must be something else causing it. i’m going to experiment with ‘assigned’. maybe the user hadn’t assigned the card to themselves and if they did that would solve it

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no, that didn’t fix it. let me turn off all other plugins and components and see if there’s a conflict

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there is a setting that lets users edit other peoples contents, if it is a small community with well behaved users that should be safe to enable

i believe it requires the users to be trust level 3


that got it. i’d rather it was level 1 or 2 and higher, but unless i can edit that or create new higher trust levels i’ll just have to promote all users to level 3 for the time-being.

thanks for your help @ssvenn

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A little follow-up on this - there is now the edit all topic groups admin setting instead which would allow specific groups the ability to edit categories, tags and titles. This may come in handy if you’re using the Kanban Board. :+1:

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