Modify the Kanban plugin to include a burn up/burn down chart, enable mobile drag and drop

What would you like done?

I’ve been asked to get a quote for modifying the wonderful Kanban plugin created by @david

There are three improvements that are requested, which will all be opened up to the wider Discourse community afterwards:

  1. Include a graphical burn up or burn down chart underneath it so users can track their progress towards a goal. It would need to be able to exclude categories as usually Kanban is only tracking a sprint category and ignores the backlog category where the tasks are stored before being chosen for the next milestone. There should also be a numerical read out on/next to the chart giving a +/- value for the current state which is shown in the chart.

  2. Enable mobile users to long press to pick up and move cards on the boards. Right now mobile users have to open the task and change the tag to the category they want. This functionality is already working on the desktop version with a held right mouse click and drag.

  3. Un-assign all users after the task is placed in the ‘done’ column, to clear their personal ‘assigned list’

When do you need it done?

This quote is part of a project proposal i’ve been asked to create, so please include your expected time frame alongside your quote. I’ll need to send it off to the person who’s asked me to create this and get back to you.

To prevent a race to the bottom it might be best to DM me your offer.

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How did you get on with these? It would be brilliant to see it happen.


No progress yet i’m afraid. Still hoping. I only had generic auto-reply offers, no one who actually looked at what needed done and sent a proposal, or began discussing one with me.

I’m questioning this one, because at least on iOS/Discourse Hub it’s something I already use every day. Is this just a gap on Android?

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I think that it is - using Discourse Hub on Android long press doesn’t seem to do anything. And I’ve just commandeered my son’s iPhone and - wow! The long press thing works really well.

If this could be made to work with the 2.5 billion users of Android, it would be awesome.


Wow, i’m amazed that it works on iOS. If we can find the code which makes that work it’ll make coding it into Android much easier (probably).

Adding to this as i missed two features.

  1. one click zoom out/in. Most Kanbans go off the edge of the screen and part of the power of Kanban is the visual aspect of it, especially when paired with a burn up/burn down chart. I’d want an icon, probably top left which zooms users out so the can see the entire board and the chart so they have an overview of the progress of this project. Click it again and zoom in to normal view.
  2. In sites with a lot of Kanban’s the admin section gets a bit out of hand. It would be great to consolidate a long list of Kanban’s into categories.
    So I’d have:

Category 1 ‘Kanban set up 1’

  • Tags to make a list out of
  • All categories and sub categories i want to have this format. Click then type/search to add a new category or sub category

Category 2 ‘Kanban set up 2’

  • Tags to make a list out of
  • All categories and sub categories i want to have this format.