Can users "replay" the Discobot introduction if needed?

Some users need a refresher on Discourse features.

Yes, users should be able to replay the discobot introduction whenever they want, even if they have the badge. There are no limits!

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Is the only way to do that by having the user run @discobot start new user? Is there any way for the admin to trigger it for the user?

No, not that I know of. My question is why can’t your users trigger it themselves, it clearly explains itself and what it does whenever a new user joins.

Yes, if they haven’t completed the tutorial they can just do @discobot startover or reply to it.

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Nothing wrong with having the user trigger it themselves. Just wondered what my options were. I have some users who aren’t very tech savvy so the less I require them to do the better :slight_smile:


I understand, a couple years ago I wasn’t really tech savvy either, I just went with the flow :wink:
The more you learn the better!

This might help:


Nice solution. Thanks!