Category name in URL

(Vincent) #1


Is it possible to change my forum’s urls to have category name inside it ?
I have found this topic but I have looked everywhere and I have found no option in admins menus.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

The category is in the <title> tag as I recall. But I don’t see it there now. Not sure why we closed that other topic, @tobiaseigen do you remember?

(Vincent) #3

Ok, I see it !!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you !

(Tobias Eigen) #4

Maybe I’m mistaken about what that topic was about - I thought it was about having the category show up in title and url of the category pages.

If it’s about having the category name in the topic urls then that’s a different issue altogether - not an entirely bad idea to add it but might make for very long URLs, e…g:

A slash between category and topic title would probably be more google friendly but would probably wreak havoc with the way urls are handled within discourse.

Category name does show up in topic titles as you said.