Can we get a class added for styling?

(Posh Waffle) #1

The Solved plugin is awesome, but it doesn’t appear there is any class(es) to the div/blockquote which can be used for styling.

I was hoping to make it more eye catching for readers. Something like this:


(Joe Buhlig) #2

In lieu of a specific class, I believe this scenario has two cooked divs with the second being your answer. I can’t think of other scenarios where that exists so you could write your selector to target the second one.

(Posh Waffle) #3

Hey @joebuhlig

Yeah thats what I ended up doing, but I don’t think you should have to do that. A class would be nice to have. :slight_smile:

(Kris) #4

I agree that a class would be nice (I think we used to have something at some point in the past).

I have a PR open to add the class .accepted-answer to the quote.