Can we hide # My threads?

I have # My threads under chat channels on the sidebar. What is it for? For threaded chats I would guess.

And if my guessing is right it raises next question :smirk:

  • how the heck can I get rid of it?

On my forum we don’t use threading because everybody disliked it very much.


Hey @Jagster — you’re correct, the My threads area is meant to list all your followed chat threads. More about that here.

However, I can certainly understand not wanting to see that if you’re not using chat threads! Thanks for bringing that up. I’m talking with our team about the best way to handle this for you and other users like you, and I’ll follow up here once we have a plan in place.


CSS is the easiest way, I reckon. But it doesn’t disable acitivity itself — but if and when there is no threads in use it can’t create any workload, I would guess.

But I am just another copy&paste admin and you guys are pros here. I trust you find the best way.

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@Jagster We just merged an update that will hide My Threads for community members who don’t belong to any chat channels with threads enabled, which I believe should cover your situation!

Could you please take a look when you get a chance and let me know how that’s working for you?


It’s perfect. Thanks guys!


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