Can we pull emails from private group

Hi Discourse.

We are able to export all contacts from our main community but unable to pull just a private group. When pulling the whole lot it doesn’t separate into private groups.

Is there a way to just pull a private group.

All the best,

Hi Campbell,
Sure thing – you have access to the Data Explorer plugin which allows you to write SQL queries to pull any data at all that is stored in the database.

Because you are a hosted customer you are welcome to ping us on if you need more support finding this.

Hi at @HAWK

I’ve been trying to ad hoc write a query to pull this but am unable to find the specific group in our Groups table to inner join.

Do you know where I can find this?

You can see the WHERE section is blank and on the right we have no tables available

The table that makes the relationship between the users and group tables is the group_users table.