Can we set the time that a topic will become Public/Private?

I’m running a forum to manage small researches. Most researchers don’t want the research material to show-up when it’s not finished or at least almost finished.

I see we can edit our own topics version by version. But can we set some kink of topics invisible to the public before clicking some buttons? Topic that can only seen by the creator of the topic.

I know that we can use group function + a unique category which can only be viewed by that group, but we can not create a group for each person in a forum.

Sorry, I think I found the answer. We can use the “Message” function.
A message that was sent to ourselves. Then we can edit the message. And at some time, we change the message to a topic in some category. In this way, we have to let every person have 2 accounts. Or we can set a invisible person that nobody has permission in the discourse.

Topic staff wrench, Set Topic Timer, Schedule Publishing… this already exists.