Can we, should we, limit quoted text in a post?

(Dan Lucas) #1

I am active on a non-Discourse forum where many members will respond to a (sometimes long) post by quoting it in its entirety and then adding one line at the bottom. “I agree” and “+1” are typical responses. It’s not pretty, or easy to navigate.

Clearly better member education would help. Also I suspect that the ease of quoting in replies in a Discourse forum would reduce the tendency to over-quote previous posts.

Still, I would be interested in your views on whether Discourse can - or should - restrict the length of a quote, either through an absolute character limit or via the ratio of quoted to “new” text.


(Kane York) #2

I think that the best action in these situations is to, as an admin, edit the quote out of their post. It’ll give them an edit notification and they get to think about what they did. Other people can also click the edit pencil and see that you edited out the big quote, and they’ll probably catch on.

If one person keeps doing it, you can PM them.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

I am using Discourse as a Learning Management System. I put an assignment in a post and have students answer/respond to it by reply-as-linked-topic and put their answer in a new category. A (related?) problem that I have is that by default the whole message in the response. When I ask them not to, what often happens is that the link to the original message is lost, so it’s not always obvious which message they are responding to. A per-category limit to quote length might help me.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Quoted for truth! :wink:

But seriously, as you said – a non-Discourse forum – this is usually because that non-Discourse forum makes it too easy to do the “wrong” thing.

It is a good idea to block very long quotes or otherwise suppress them, perhaps even warn the user if they quote a giant post.

I just haven’t seen that much “in the wild” though so I am leery of making changes on the basis of imagined behavior versus actual behavior.