Can you diable the removal of past Events?

Is there any way to disable the removal of past events from the calendar? I know it’s possible in the topic-specific calendar, but I use the events feature across multiple topics/categories way more often (e.g. site maintenance, webinars, meetups are all in different places) and use the event topics to post updates/notes/recordings/etc specific to the individual topic.

We have a link to the “upcoming events” calendar in the Community section, which is an awesome feature to have, but would be a huge improvement for discovery/navigation if it showed ALL events we’ve held. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that the view should be limited to only future events when the current date’s box is highlighted very obviously anyway :person_shrugging:


It seems that if an event has an ‘end date’ then it’s removed from the calendar after the end date/time occurs.

Also, adding an ‘end date’ allows the start date to be shown as part of the topic title. I think there’s a couple of improvements to be made here (also posted here - Post event date not always displayed on topic title - #6 by Ebs )

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