Display old Events on the 'Upcoming Events' page

The Upcoming Events page /upcoming-events is very useful:

However, a few tweaks would make it truly awesome.

Old events

While I can understand why old events aren’t displayed, it is often helpful to be able to see them easily. This is what we all have in our personal (email) calendars.

I suggest that instead we display ALL events in the calendar. It would work nicely to ‘grey out’ all events that have already occurred (but keep them clickable)

Update: Additional suggestions split into separate topics:

Events in various categories

Different colours for Events from different categories

Topic list below the calendar

Topic list below the upcoming-event calendar


I totally agree with displaying the old events - clicking back through a calendar and seeing it empty can suggest that there have been no events. It is so nice to see the calendar populated and might encourage users to join future events if they missed a past one.

However maybe an option to select if you want past events to be displayed or not would be the happy medium :slight_smile:


I found that if you don’t put the end date/time, you can avoid having the past events removed from the calendar. It won’t get marked as “expired”, but doesn’t grey them out either.

My team and I also would like to have past events shown because it would be great for others to look at past events and be aware such events occur and can look out for the next one.


I’m biased (having recently joined :pavilion: Pavilion), but their Events plugin does this already:

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just out of curiosity, does the delete expired event posts after setting affect the past events displaying in the calendar? because it would logically seem so if the post for that calendar event is being removed. i haven’t tested this on my calendar setup because i have the setting disabled and i don’t want to lose any past events lol. :sweat_smile:

I’m pretty sure that setting only applies to posts (i.e. events) within a calendar Topic.

The Upcoming Events page instead refers to events which are each a Topic that include an events code snippet inserted by the ‘Events’ functionality of this plugin. And it isn’t configurable at all.


Fully agreed with the proposed improvements by @nathank !

Our community would love to have all past events visible with a greyed-out or lower hue version of the original colour marking past events.

I’m also a huge fan of more colour variety in the calendar to colour-code differences between official community events, meetings and social/hangout events.

Lastly, the topic list overview functioning as an agenda is an excellent proposal.


I’ve split the separate items out into separate topics so they show up better in Search and Related Topics, and so we can track them better. :+1:

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I’m delighted to report that this has been implemented! It is governed by this setting: