Can you list some plugins with good frontend code as an example?

What are the best plugins to learn them from good frontend example perspective?


My best guess would be to look at official plugins: they obviously know what they’re doing.

I also trust plugins developed by Pavilion’s team and I think they’re pretty skilled coders, but I can’t know for sure since I’m not a plugin developer myself.


@Canapin yes, I agree. I saw that official plugins are developed in different time. It’s interesting for me to know what plugins are updated to the perfectly recommended state :slight_smile:

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#official plugins are almost always going to be up to current coding standards. Do be aware that we are in the middle of a big migration to Ember CLI, so some of it may change in the near future!


@justin ok, thank you!

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If you are focussing mostly on the front end, include Theme Components in your reading.

I would also recommend you took most notice of plugins or TCs that use:

  • native Ember over jQuery/brute force DOM manipulation
  • the Widget system
  • vanilla javascript over jQuery (where direct Dom manipulation is absolutely necessary)
  • modern javascript syntax (es6+)


Rather than bore yourself to pieces reading too much of other peoples code just for the sake of it, can I suggest the most important thing is having an idea you want to implement then look for good examples of how to do that from similar existing instances? You will be more motivated if you have a particular goal you are passionate to achieve and will be more ready to break down any walls you come across (there will be some!). It’s also more fun that way!


Thanks for the detailed advice @merefield
Yes, I have a strong interest in a flexible reputation plugin that will give an option to add more context-related badges and contests.

I’m actually working on a community for my project, but I can’t reveal the details yet because these are early steps in a project that is planned to be profitable.