About front end structure

as far as I know, there are three ways to build front-end code,

  1. ember
  2. widget
  3. raw.hbs (?

and there are some questions:

  1. I’ve tried to use ember component in raw.hbs, but it seems not working, how to share all the functionalities in these three types of front end code?

  2. sorry, I’ve not fully understood the entire code yet, but just want to ask about the front end structure,
    is it a good structure? is it easy to maintain?


See the #howto topics on theme and plugin development.

I’ve read all of the theme and plugin tutorial, but I still could not do it, could you answer the two questions above?

Further reading and watching here:

Your questions are so vague that they don’t really have answers.

Follow the examples in the plugin tutorials. Everything is cached in production. You can’t just edit the stuff and have it work.