Canceling an image load can leave the Uploading stuck

If I upload an image, and cancel the upload, it can get in a stuck state:


The spinner is still spinning, but is clearly never going to finish, and I can no longer press Reply when stuck in this state,

If I cancel the reply, and then click reply again, it is still stuck in the state, although now it says “Uploading 0%”.

I have to reload the page to get it unstuck.

This is Discourse 1.8.9, Safari/Sierra (10.12.6)


I’ve heard that bug but was never able to reproduce locally. Any chances you could find reproduction steps?


Yep, I think I have it - it happens on the second drag/cancel.

Safari/Mac OS X 10.12.6 (Sierra).

  • Reply
  • Drag a large image in
  • Wait for it to start
  • Cancel
  • Drag a large image in
  • Wait for it to start
  • Cancel

This caused the bug every time for me.


I’m pretty sure this has been fixed by @gerhard.

@peternlewis can you confirm this has been fixed?

I fixed it on mobile, because it didn’t work there at all after the composer refactoring.

This bug seems to describe a different issue.

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Ok, I’ll have a look then.

I did try on Windows 10 / Chrome 63.0.3239.132 and could not reproduce the issue. I was always able to properly cancel the upload.

Yes, it appears fixed. Thanks.