Cannot add certain discourse forums in DiscourseHub on Android

Hi Folks,

I (and others: Failure to use the Discourse Hub android app with - Websites - Forum) have been trying to setup with the Android DiscourseHub app.

It gives the message “ was not found!”

I’ve tried with “https://” and without.

Neither seems to work. Does anyone have some tips on resolving this?

Thank you!

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i just put like this… it work…

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I don’t know what to say, but this does not work for me:

FWIW I also received the ‘forum not found’ error when I tried. I am unsure what the issue could be though.

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I have to admit I’m confused by this one myself.

On my Samsung Galaxy A10 it couldn’t find it, but no issue adding it on iOS before that so it’s unlikely to be some weird DNS issue (I run my own DNS servers on my home network so guaranteed it was cached when Android tried to look it up)


Every time I or any user tries to add my website to the Discourse Hub mobile app, we get the error saying was not found. I have no Idea on how to fix that. I’ve seen many posts related to the same issue here, tried to implement their fixes but unfortunately none of them worked for me yet. Looking forward to get a more specific help for my case.

Welcome, Davi. :slight_smile:

I went to the URL shown in your screenshot and Discourse doesn’t seem to work (stuck on loading, then 502 error). It may be the cause.

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Thanks for the report, coincidentally the site was down at the time you tried. It was the SSL certificate that was renewing. That’s fixed and the site is up an running again, unfortunately, the issue on not finding the site on discourse hub isn’t fixed.

Hi @Davim, I tried to add a few forums I own and have the same issue with one of them ( I’ll try to get some info. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

I tried again adding to Discourse Hub on both Android and iOS and it worked for both.

If you encountered the same issue, can you try again?

edit: I cannot add and on Android, but I can add on iOS, apparently.


This looks to be a configuration error. The app does a HEAD request to first, and when I simulate the same, I get back an error:

curl -I                                                             130 ↵
HTTP/2 403
server: CloudFront
date: Wed, 10 May 2023 15:11:29 GMT
content-type: text/html
content-length: 919
x-cache: Error from cloudfront

We don’t host, so I’m not sure what in their stack is blocking these HEAD requests.

This one we do host and it was blocked from the hub because of a configuration issue. The site had some entries in the allowed crawler user agents site setting. That setting is quite heavy-handed, it comes with a big warning: User agents of web crawlers that should be allowed to access the site. WARNING! SETTING THIS WILL DISALLOW ALL CRAWLERS NOT LISTED HERE!

I added the Android user agent there, and that fixes the issue on my test Android device.