Cannot always scroll after post edit

This happens from time to time both on firefox and chrome on windows.

After i edit a post multiple times: edit a word, then press ctrl+enter then edit again, it happens sometimes that i cannot scroll with my touchpad/mouse on that topic.

I can scroll with j/k and use keyboard shortcuts but not use the mouse scroll.

Clicking the title of the topic for a go to OP doesn’t fix this, and nor does clicking a second time on the title (for a refresh).

What does help is doing a whole page refresh (eg: click refresh button of my browser, or ctrl+r or ctrl+f5).

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Can you repro this @jomaxro?

No luck so far, but as @TheBestPessimist said it happens “from time to time”, so I’m not counting it out yet. I’ll keep playing with this, and leave this open for a bit in case others can repro it.


Is there anything i can do to help tracking this bug? i didn’t see any errors in console, no idea what else to check.

Are you running browser plugins? Can you repro this with all plugins disabled?

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will run w/o plugins and check.
I am using https everywhere and ublock origin. (same for chrome and firefox)

Got it coach!

It’s because of that theme component.

What i do is:

  • start edit or just new reply
  • press fullscreen
  • write
  • ctrl+enter (still in fullscreen) -> cannot scroll.

I can repro this w/o any firefox extentions/plugins on 2 different forums.


I pushed a fix to handle saving the post with a keyboard shortcut, please update the component and let me know if you’re still having trouble.

Thanks for reporting :+1:


It’s fixed now!

Sodenote: since the op of the theme component is not a wiki (so i can’t edit it): can you please add the keyboard shortcut there in the OP, instead of only in the comments?


Excellent sleuthing, thanks for sticking with it and figuring it out.

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