Mobile: After editing a post, scroll to the post in Firefox Mobile

I have noticed that when I edit a post in a topic with several posts (in the mobile version), after saving the post, I get to the top of the topic. I would expect/wish to see my edited post instead.

Is this a bug or a missing feature?

Can we repro this @eviltrout?

I’ve seen it using Firefox on Android.

Sorry, I thought I had this behavior in Chrome as well, but I can’t reproduce it there anymore, just in Firefox.

We don’t support Firefox on mobile, only the official browsers for each platform – Chrome on Android and Mobile Safari on iOS.


Which is why I hadn’t complained. (There are a couple of other issues I’ve noticed with FF on Android — the “back” button has a similar fail to scroll properly — but that’s the biggie.)

But when you do want to support Firefox, I’ll let you know my full findings.