Post navigator keeps keyboard focus when entering post number

I frequently use my keyboard’s cursor keys when going through longer topics as I’m prone to wrist pain when using the scroll wheel for long periods.

What I noticed is that the cursor keys stop working when doing the following:

  • Go into any sufficiently long topic, e.g. the missing plugins thread.
  • Click the post navigator to open it fully.
  • Select the post number, replace it with e.g. 200.
  • Press Enter. (this is the important step, clicking “go” appears to work)
  • The post navigator closes and you are taken to the requested post.
  • Press Up / Down on the keyboard. This won’t do anything.

Notice that on mobile (Android in my case) the focus also stays if I press Return from the on-screen keyboard (the “go” button is rather hard to hit accurately). While not blocking I still see the Copy / Cut / Paste controls overlay there until I open the post navigator again or dismiss the overlay.


Hmm seems like a legit bug @eviltrout

Curiously it only happened in Firefox for me. Here’s a fix:

Thanks for reporting it!