Specifically, what does “Silence” do?

Can you expand on specifically what “Silence” does? Does it prevent replying to PMs?

I would like to be able to use “silence” or a similar too to prevent a person from creating threads, but allow them to respond to private messages. This would allow moderators to work with members to correct problems, rather than just banning someone.

I’m unclear on whether “Silence” allows people to reply to messages.

I just tested this in my dev environment. A silenced user can’t create a topic, post, or message, but they can reply to PMs.


Thanks for checking that!

Are you sure those PMs were from a regular user, not staff? There might be a staff-specific override on that area. Or the rule might simply be, they can reply to PMs – but never send a new PM.

I tried both with staff and a regular user. In both cases a silenced user can reply to PMs. I can test this on https://try.discourse.org/ if this isn’t the expected behaviour.


Totally fine, I couldn’t remember the specifics, but I should have mentioned that PMs with staff were always intended to work for the exact reason described.


Thanks @codinghorror and @simon. That was exactly what I needed to know.

I needed to get a user to change his username (because he used our forum’s name as his user name), and he hasn’t replied. I wanted to make sure he CAN reply.


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