Cannot post or edit after updating to 2.6

I updated to version 2.6 (on a Digital Ocean instance), and I can no longer post.

“Error 500” when posting.

Logs show:

I tried restarting the server, no change.

safe-mode has no affect, the problem remains.


Do you have any non-standard plugins installed? Safe mode often cannot disable them.

So, remove discourse-mark that doesn’t have the green check next to it. You’ll need to remove or comment it out of your app.yml.

That says “you must rebake all posts with: “rake posts:rebake”.”, what is the exact process for doing that.

Does that mean I will lose all my markup?

Can I disable it with the settings, or is that insufficient?

I don’t really know what the plugin does, so I can’t tell you.

But if you don’t rebake, then the existing posts will stay as they are.

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So if I remove:

      - git clone

from the yml, then what command is used to restart it without the plugin?


Put a # in front of the -. Save, and then

./launcher rebuild app
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OK, trying that. Thanks.

Yes, removing that (or maybe the rebuilding process) resolved the problem.

No sure how I will replace that plugin, but that is another problem.



Notify the plugin author and they will likely fix it. If they have stopped work in it then you can fork it and did it yourself or hire someone to.

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