Cannot reach one forum on AT&T mobile

I’m having trouble reaching on mobile. It works on desktop, but I can’t access it on my iPhone (latest iOS), using either Safari or Chrome. A couple times I was able to access it again by using desktop to force my phone to logout, but that only helped for about a day and this latest time that didn’t work at all. I’ve cleared all browsing data on Safari, restarted my phone, and I still can’t access it.

I’m able to access Meta on my phone, as well as two other forums (but those are self hosted and likely aren’t as up to data as the one I’m having trouble with), so I’m not really sure what’s going on with this community. The error I’m getting is ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED according to Chrome. I can’t see more than that from my phone.

Is there anything else I can try on my end? If not, can someone from Discourse check to see if anything is wrong with the instance since it’s hosted? Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Could it be related to this?


Wow, that’s a new one. I am using AT&T, and rejoining a wifi network allowed me to access the site, so I’ll have to look into it with them. It’s weird that it doesn’t happen with the other Discourse forums I’m using though.

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Awesome Sean! Was hoping to find an active at&t customer on meta, can you update here with the progress down the at&t escalation rabbit hole?

The key here when you are discussing this with them it to get this escalated to level 2 and level 3 support, at the lower rungs of support it is very unlikely you will get any traction. Essentially just insist that you paid for working Internet and got broken Internet, can you escalate to your manager?

If you share responses you get we are happy to guide you.


Any suggestions on how to explain it to them so that it’s actionable on their part and doesn’t just come off as me saying “the internet doesn’t work”?

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You could explain that you indeed have internet, but it’s not working with some specifically websites (a few) that do work with Wi-Fi, etc.

Ask scalation because it’s not an issue with your phone, or the site, is the carrier, sit and wait a lot of test to make.


Also be as specific as possible. You can use example reports from the other topic linked above by @downey to help communicate some of the issues being seen, too.

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Just adding a “me too” here - I’ve had two separate users (Discourse hosted) complain they are unable to access the site via mobile.

Has anyone opened an issue with at&t? Any progress to share?


The only way this will get handled is to have as many individuals as possible complain directly to AT&T. It’s not a problem that can be solved by Discourse.


At least we are not alone.


As of a few minutes ago, I am able to access both and the link you posted using AT&T. I’d recommend everyone try their affected sites again and see if the issue has been resolved.


This smells pretty strongly like an IPv6 problem; I know that AT&T mobile has only rolled out IPv6 in select cities, which caused a huge amount of pain when our app straight-up stopped working outside of Los Angeles and intermittently didn’t even in town, unless we connected to wifi, because we naively assumed IPv6 was universal and properly working for mobile. There are definitely lots of issues somewhere in their IPv6 stack, even where they do offer it, which is crazy in 2020 but there it is.


We did observe that IPv4 traffic connected to us normally, but IPv6 traffic was intercepted by… something.

But other test cases not from the affected area had IPv6 and were OK, despite using AT&T.