Cannot remove global pinned topic

We were having a software issue on our forum and we had to do an update.

I created a thread and posted in it that full functionality has been restored.

I pinned that post globally so it would pop for everyone on the forum. I have now deleted the post and thread but the banner is still coming up when I visit the forum as an incognito user.

Because I have deleted the post and thread I cannot go back and “unpin” the post before I delete it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

So what it was actually a Banner, I had to create a new banner and post it.

Then go in and remove the banner flag, confirm it removed from the site and then delete the post.

Think this is some kinda bug at this point?

for Dev ref





Hi Jason :slight_smile:

I couldn’t reproduce the issue. When I delete the topic (pinned as a banner), the banner is still here but disappears after reloading the page.
It doesn’t appear as well as a visitor or with another browser.

that’s strange, I just tried it again and it does stick for me Until I pin a new one. we did do a software update to the version I mentioned above. Let me check what the previous version was.

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this was the error message that caused us to upgrade, We were getting the 500 error on every reply

The last record I have before this I checked it was in January, it was 3.1.0.beta1 but I am sure an update was done since then.