Cannot upgrade from Docker Manager

Since some previous rebuilds, I am not able to upgrade anything from Docker Manager (/admin/upgrade)

All buttons in upgrade dashboard are disabled because Docker Manager is “Currently Upgrading”:

However, as you can see, it is not being upgraded
Moreover, after executing cd /var/discourse && git pull and ./launcher rebuild app the problem persists

Is there a way to fix this?

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Same here — but I don’t really use the web updater anyway.

Still curious as to why this is happening.

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Wait, that screenshot is after a full rebuild? Are you 100% the rebuild was successful?

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Yes, it was
No errors on console during the rebuild

It has been there for months after several successful rebuilds

Can you try again now and report back?

I think there was a problem with Docker Manager a few months back that might have caused stuck upgrades. You should be able to click the gray “Upgrading” buttons and click on “Reset Upgrade” on the next screen. Do this for every stuck upgrade process.


Doesn’t work, it has the “disabled” attribute
And if I remove it from Inspect Element, and I click it, nothing happens

Did you create the screenshot in the first post before or after running launcher rebuild app? Revision 29ec548 is quite old and probably broken. It should have been upgraded during a rebuild though.

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I took it after executing it

But it’s really weird
I hadn’t noticed that, and I just checked for that commit and it’s from September
But I made the rebuild on January this year, and I also made previous rebuilds each previous month

That’s weird indeed. Please check your app.yml and make sure that you are cloning the master branch of docker_manager. Then try rebuilding the container and watch out for errors.

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Using master on Docker Manager

Made now again a clean rebuild and the problem persists:

And even more weird is that after doing ./launcher enter app, going to plugins/docker_manager, executing git log outputs this:

So this means that the plugin is on master “using” January’s commit

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I can confirm that Currently Upgrading... is not clickable, even when an upgrade is running. If you click upgrade, then start upgrade, and hit “Versions” or “Processes”, there’s no way to get back to the upgrade status other than the browser back button.


That was a change I made when I upgraded Ember, I didn’t realize it should be clickable :man_facepalming:

That’s now fixed in:

You could also manually type the URL /admin/upgrade#/upgrade/<repo name> and it’ll take you to upgrade page.