Can't access newly made catagory due to "special" letter

I’ve just made a new catagory and for the direct “url” I gave a special letter “š”. As soon as I pressed created I remembered I shouldn’t have done that. But it was already done.

This is the error I got after.

But when I returned to discourse the catagory was there.
When I click on it, the page does not load. I can access it’s first topic, that makes itself. But not the catagory itself. I wish to delete it or at least remove the special letter.


You can fix the problem by changing your site’s slug generation method setting to encoded.

After you do that you should be able to access the category again. If you would like to allow non ascii characters like š to be used in URL slugs for your site, keep the slug generation method set to encoded. If you would not like to have non ascii characters in your URLs, edit the category’s slug and then change the slug generation method back to its default value of ascii.

Discourse should probably be validating the Category Slug field to prevent this error from happening.


Thank you very much. That did the trick.


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