Can't access Vultr DNS

Hi everyone,

I’ve chosen Vultr to host a server on which i’ve installed Discourse.
The problem is : i can’t access my forum by typing “” (HOSTNAME) in the address bar. The only way i can access my forum is by typing the IP address of the server.

I know i failed somewhere but i don’t know where, i’m kind of a noobie… could anyone help me please ? Thanks!

PS : sorry if my english is bad, i usually speak french.

Did you remember to create a dns entry for your subdomain and point it to the server?

Apparently isn’t a registered domain name. You’ll need to register it. Go to your registrar (if they’ll be managing your DNS) and direct the IP to your server.

i created a domain after the installation of Discourse on my server. Is it a problem ?

Did you actually register the domain name at a registrar? The domain name appears to still be available to register if it is indeed

Could you give some examples of “registrar” plz ? Is Vultr a registrar ?

Vult ir a server provider. A registrar would be like,,


Ok i see much clearer now. Thank you !

I live in Belgium. Most of the members of my forum will come from France or Belgium. So it’s more logical for me to take “” than a “” right ? I mean what’s the difference between the two of them ?

No real difference. .com’s are usually the most desirable but that’s entirely up to you.


Since you’re in Belgium I would recommend you use Hébergement Internet, Cloud, et Serveurs dédiés - OVH or as your registrar. They have better price for Europeans :wink:


Thank you mate ! They do offer better price indeed :slight_smile: