Can't add people to a PM

Whenever I click “Add person”, this comes up

Then I type anything, it always comes up with this (because it isn’t registering my inputs)

(Can’t add 2nd pic, but whatever I type it just shows @Rishi_Bokhoree)

I can’t add anyone, which is really annoying
If you just type @, he’s the first person to come up

(And I’m not trying to add Rishi_Bokhoree to my PM)

Thanks in advance

P.s New here, didn’t know if this is for developer problems or something. Sorry if ive put it in the wrong category

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Very strange, the image appears to be missing, can you try uploading it again?

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Done - it was because i’d copied over the post from my community and it didn’t recongnise the image

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Update - more people on the forum complaining about it. Seems to be an android only issue (works on Safari, yet not on chrome nor Samsung internet)


It seems to happen on iOS too, but i can’t repro it on my end (iOS 11…)
We’ve been getting a fair amount of reports of this lately.

and so it goes on…

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Reoported it while ago

I really really need a repro here, very hard to fix it without.

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Hey Sam, it is Already mentioned in my topic

Last reply to your topic is:

Works now! Thanks for the help @Aussie_Cockatoo!

This was reported by John prior to yours, Zaid.

@sam - i understand that. I’ll see what i can find out, seems to be located to certain device/browser combinations…

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I meant this one

Can you still reproduce this issue on your S3 now? on a PM on meta?

Its S7 edge

Affirmative, it does happen here

What is the EXACT browser version you are using? Does it happen on Chrome stable as well?

I can repro on chrome stable here on Meta, but only if I use the mobile emulator.


I cannot reproduce on my own instance using my own account, but can repro with a non-admin account. So looks like the issue might be for non-staff users only. Nothing in Ruby/JS logs.


OK, I have an easy repro here @joffreyjaffeux so adding this to your list.

  1. Create a PM to yourself
  2. View it with ?mobile_view=1

There are 2 bugs here:

  1. Why does this not look like a button?


  1. What is going on here?

The reason I am assigning this to @joffreyjaffeux is cause this issue is made about 9000 times harder to debug due to select2.

With select2, we always replace the original DOM nodes with a wrapped version using select 2, which means finding the original CSS responsible for the width of the element is a nightmare ^ 2.

So my suggestion is just to replace user-selector with the new component and then it should be trivial to add the missing width there.


A quick fix by @joffreyjaffeux is now deployed both here and on inifinte flight, a more comprehensive fix will be created in a week or so.


Thanks for quick assistance! One less thing to worry about :grinning: