Can't delete this category because it has chat channels

I’d like to delete default category “site-feedback”, “staff”.
But It is not possible to delete. Error message says “Can’t delete this category because it has chat channels.”

Is there any way to delete the categories?

May I ask why you’d like to delete the #staff category? It’s only visible to admins and moderators by default, and it’s where the FAQs, Privacy Policy, and ToS base topics live (as well as the Admin guide).

Though, in general, you can delete any category that does not have any topics or chat channels attached. If there are any, you would need to recategorise any topics and delete any chat channels before you can delete the category itself. :+1:

It is a bad idea to delete the default (pre-seeded) data. both the categories you mentioned are pre-seeded. This raises the risk of your discourse randomly breaking due to database corruption (missing values that it expects etc.) so proceed with caution. Unless you already know you’re sailing in uncharted waters.

I think deleting #site-feedback and #lounge are generally considered to be okay. Deleting #staff is not really advised as it contains the topics I mentioned above (and is just useful to have). I don’t believe deleting any of them will cause any database corruption though, but happy to be corrected if you can point me to some examples? If they really shouldn’t be deleted then the UI would not allow you to do it (as with the About topics).

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Ok, so I might have mis-read something in the past (or straight superstition). Per

It is safe to delete pre-seeded categories.

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If I am not bothering you…:pray:t2:
could you let me more specifically know how to recategorise any topics and delete any chat channels?

I cannot find menu in admin mode😭

I think I would tentatively suggest that if you’re just starting to explore your Discourse then I would hold off on deleting any seeded categories or moving any of the FAQs, Privacy or ToS topics until you become more familiar with what’s what. :slight_smile:

In the meantime you can change the visibility of #site-feedback to staff only so it doesn’t show to the public. Checking your site while logged out, or as a test user you’ve created, is a good way to see what regular visitors and users of your site would see (versus your ‘admin sees everything’ view).

You can find out more about category permissions in this topic:

There is a bit of a wrinkle here because we may be seeding chat channels for these categories even though chat is not enabled.

You may have to enable chat in your site settings temporarily so you can find those channels to delete.



@flink91 merged a fix for this issue, let us know how it goes for you please.


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