Can't delete topic created by babble plugin

I got server 500 error when searching for guests (admin still searching normally). The diagnosis was caused by the Babble plugin, so I removed it.

After removing Babble Plugin, no more 500 error when searching. Instead, a thread popped up that I couldn’t do anything about. When I click on it, it gives an error (as shown below)


After clicking on that topic, the admin browser gives an error as shown below, and the client’s download is infinite


How can I delete it? (sorry I use google trans)

Babble is not an official plugin. Pavilion have helped out with its support in the past, but we no longer support it.

In any case you might find these Topics useful:,


Although the link is broken, but thanks

Neither link is broken?

indeed, even logged in, might be restricted to members ?

Doh! Sorry guys. It looks like the Category was restricted. No doubt because we ended official support. Thanks @Benjamin_D

I’ve unrestricted it for time being.


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