My site just broke after restarting server

Please help.

I removed the babble plugin because I thought it may be causing it, but the issue is still there.

Non-site admins can’t view /logs. Can you please provide more details on what is going wrong? Can you try loading your site in safe mode? Can you screenshot your logs if there is anything relevant there?

Edit: Safe mode disabling unofficial plugins only works for me, so you’ve got a plugin that’s not working right. What other unofficial plugins do you have?


Screenshot of logs.

The only plugins I have now are retort and discourse-adsense.

Safe mode allows me to browse and I only clicked disable unofficial plugins.

I just deleted all plugins besides docker manager and am restarting the server now.

Looks like it is adsense:


Thanks for researching. Also thanks for teaching me about safe mode. Did not know of it until now!


You’re very welcome. And no worries about not knowing safe mode, it’s only been a thing for about 5 days!