Topic title editing with Trust level 3

on I have a trust level of 3.
On some topics that I didn’t create, I can see the pencil to edit their title and tags but not on most of them.
Unfortunately those that have the pencil don’t seem to have any characteristic in common with the others so I don’t know how to narrow down the cause of the issue.

When the ‘trusted users can edit others’ setting is enabled, Trust Level 3 users should be able to edit topic titles and categories for categories that they have permission to create topics in. Trust Level 3 users cannot edit archived topics or personal messages. They can also not edit their own topics if the topic’s edit time limit has expired. Does this sound like what you are finding?

The code for this is here: discourse/topic_guardian.rb at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

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Thanks, right on the spot! And please forgive my ignorance. I was convinced there was a bug but the topics I was trying to edit were in the “forum gallery” category, in which I can’t create topics.


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