Can't enter a new category I made. Please help

Hi all,
Today I added a new category on mobile, only for trust level 4 users. I just added a category name, added a URL address in Hebrew (maybe that was the problem), changed the URL, and clicked the “new category” button, but something went wrong and the browser sent me to a page that tells me to try and delete the cache/cookies and reload. I just reloaded the page and got another error of “too many requests from the ip” or something like that.
Anyways, the category is seen now on the main categories page, but seen by all users and not only by trust level 4 users. When someone clicks it, it just tries to reload and gets stuck…
Any ideas? I cant even delete the category because I can’t enter it.

Thank you

What’s the category’s slug?

I think it was
It’s in Hebrew…

Are you on the latest version of Discourse?

Can you add a link to the category here or in a PM?


Just sent PM with user and pass

Thank you

Looking at your site the problem of that category is the slug used (a number) so you should either reset the slug or delete the category. Since the category has just been created and does not contain topics, you can proceed with its cancellation

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

where 14 is the category_id


Thank you. Now it’s gone :slight_smile:

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