Can't keep desktop push notifications enabled

I’ve been continuing to try get desktop push to stay enabled. The plugin is installed and enabled, but users report (and this includes me as admin) that when they try to choose the “prefer desktop notifications” setting, it seems to set, but then is unset the next time they visit that settings page (including a simple refresh of the page). No error messages per se are appearing. Any ideas? I do have users who would like to make use of this feature. Thanks!

I can repro this on meta, though, so more likely a bug. cc @falco

Not sure the status of this since the notifications story is so muddied, but if it helps, this is on Windows 10 / Chrome.

Ubuntu 16.04 server here.

More likely a question for @tgxworld, he can have a look next week, adding to his list for now.


We missed this plugin when we updated the code in core to only allow custom fields that has been whitelisted to be edited. Fixed in