Can't load site in Safari

Hi everyone. Sorry for my silly question :sob:

I set up discourse at the subdomain name I use a CNAME record and redirect to Here are all the records:


I can’t load my site in Safari. The page keeps showing loading. However, it opens in Chrome. After opening the website in Chrome, I can also open it using Safari.

I guess this is a problem with DNS parsing. Is it because I added CNAME records to the naked domain? If so, is there any way to redirect to without the CNAME?

Sorry for my poor expression, because I’m not a native English speaker

Hi, welcome!

This is a little confusing on what you really want to do.

If you want to redirect, I believe it would make sense to do this way:

@     A
www   CNAME

I’m sorry that I made a typo. I want to redirect to, since the discourse is set up at, and I hope users can also open the forum when entering

Still waiting for help :sob:

It says: “Safari browser cannot open this page because it is unable to establish a secure connection with the server.”

I’m not getting this error.

However, I do see an error running this online SSL certificate check:

Certificate name mismatch

I believe that’s because the certificate only covers


Thank you for your reply! How can I add certificate for the naked domain

I think it depends on your SSL certificate provider. For Let’s Encrypt these instructions ought to do the trick:

Thank you for the advice!

I am using Let’s Encrypt. I will try to update app.yml late tonight in my timezone.

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