Can't log in to Discourse. Not even the log in page loads

I was on the forum this morning, and suddenly I couldn’t load any categories, and I noticed the forum went down in an instant. I had time to notice there are apparently updates pending, but I couldn’t get to them. So, I went to console, trying to run the updates from there, but it doesn’t work, either. Here is a copy to the console result.

Console 1 is the top section of the run and Console 2 is the lower section:

Anyone who can help?

Here is the URL:

Thank you,

Well that looks like your main problem:

Can you curl that address from the command line?

If not escalate to your VPS provider and ask them why the network is blocking github?

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Hi Robert,

I am not savvy at this at all, I’m afraid. What should I do next?

can you:


(from your server’s prompt!)


If that doesn’t return without error, contact your VPS support team and ask them why you cannot connect to github over the internet.

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Thanks Robert. Seems like I need to contact the VPS support…


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