Can't mix unstable plugin with stable branch

Hi, I updated one of our sites to 2.4.2 which in turned pulled down version 32653be of the assign plugin. Afterwards Most pages were blank in the browser and showing JS exceptions and errors on the console. I could only restore functionality to my site by disabling the plugin. I’m using Firefox 75.0 fwiw.

jQuery.Deferred exception: t.addKeyboardShortcut is not a function initialize/<@ e.withPluginApi@ initialize@ start/</n.initialize@ runInstanceInitializers/<@ i.prototype.each@ i.prototype.walk@ t.prototype.each@ t.prototype.topsort@ _runInitializer@ runInstanceInitializers@ _bootSync@ didBecomeReady@ f</t.invoke@ f</t.flush@ p</t.flush@ t</t._end@ t</t.end@ t</t._run@ t</t._join@ t</t.join@ f@ e.bind/<@ e@ l/</t<@ undefined [_ember_jquery-8e338e1cfe17986203b8367e20408d23399e209fb3a0d86cbd8f98e499a037a9.js:3855:17](

TypeError: t.addKeyboardShortcut is not a function

@foozmeat the assign plugin has a stable branch. If you opted to run the stable branch in Discourse you will also need to do the same for this plugin.


OK, I’ll try that an report back. Thank you!


switching to the stable branch resolved the issue. Thanks!

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