Can't mute system messages

(Drew) #1

The Discourse forum I’m using downloads local copies of embedded images, and it sends you a notification every time it does this. This doesn’t affect me and is unimportant and irrelevant to me, so I decided to mute the “system” user:

After doing so though, I still get notifications from system and they create a notification bubble over my avatar:

So I guess this topic is kind of two things in one:

  1. The system account cannot be muted
  2. Downloading local copies of images shouldn’t notify the poster

(Sam) #2

For this bit, the setting you’re looking for is:

disable edit notifications: Disables edit notifications by the system user when 'download_remote_images_to_local' is active.

It’s in ‘Other’ in admin/site_settings.

Notification sent out for system message even though disabled in admin settings
(Jeff Atwood) #3

You can’t mute system messages, that is by design. You also cannot mute admins, moderators = staff.

(Drew) #4

Alright, thanks Yuun. I’ll ask the site administrators to turn on that setting.