Muting users in 1.7

Thought I’d break this into a new topic. Im getting ready to communicate to our users soon about the mute users feature added in 1.7. Sounds very practical

From what I read @zogstrip it sounds like the main benefits are

  • blocking users from sending PMs
  • avoiding notifications on the user’s posts where you are mentioned but not participating
  • avoiding notifications if the user likes your posts

Am i missing anything? Does it stop email notifications if the user replies to your topic? (This might be helpful for future to avoid unwanted :fire:)

Would be curious if any other community admins have heard feedback from their users on this feature. My sense is our users will be very pleased

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You get zero notifications from a user you have muted. Zero. None.


Great @codinghorror! Does that apply to email notifications as well?

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It should yes. Mailing list mode might be an exception.

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did this get implemented and then removed?

No it did not get implemented and then removed.