Can't submit post with multiple polls?

(Bcguy) #1

I’m trying to post a message on how to create polls in my forum but I get repeated error messages no matter what Category I assign to the post.

Here is the error message I’m getting - and I can’t make the post. I’m running on beta 7 code (the one release before the release yesterday):

(Bcguy) #2

Perhaps the issue is that I have three examples of the poll options in the body of the post?

(Régis Hanol) #3

Polls shouldn’t be a problem here. Maybe it’s related to our recent ember upgrade? (cc. @eviltrout)

(David Maxwell) #4

Did you try changing the category to something else, then changing it back to the category you want? We’ve got an issue with moving topics, and the behavior seems to be exactly the same,

related topic: Admin/mods can post to "uncategorized" with "allow uncategorized topics" disabled

(Bcguy) #5

YEs - many times. No luck.

I finally cut out the sample code that actually produced the three poll types and it posted ok.

I was copying and pasting the poll description information from here (the discourse cheat sheet)- and had put the first examples formated as “code” - and left the second three examples of “How they look” in the forum as they were. But then when that didn’t work, I cut out the “how they look” part - and it would post ok.

(Régis Hanol) #6

There was indeed an error with the polls (you need to give a unique name to the polls) but the error was swallowed. Here’s a fix :ant:

(Jeff Atwood) #7