Carbon Ads is now available at Advertisement Plugin!

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I have modified “a little bit” the Discourse Ad Plugin, so now a new ad network is available to use:

Carbon Ads is an ad network focused on ad value instead of the “Click here! Click here!” ethos of other ad networks. Taken from About | Carbon Ads
It is being used by top-level websites, such us @codinghorror’s blog, GetBootstrap, Font Awesome, etc.

That ad network works only by invite, and they are looking for sites focused for developers, artists and business people, mainly. In order to apply, you have to send an email to

How to use

Customize the ads

By default, your ads will look like this:

However, it is fully customizable. Carbon Ads generate an element with the following structure:

<div id="carbonads">
    <span class="carbon-wrap">
      <a href="[link]" class="carbon-img" target="_blank">
        <img src="[image]" alt="" border="0" height="100" width="130" style="max-width:130px;">
      <a href="[link]" class="carbon-text" target="_blank">[text]</a>
    <a href="" class="carbon-poweredby" target="_blank">ads via Carbon</a>

So, in Admin>Customize>Custom CSS, you can alter those classes to make it look as it best fits you.

Before I had the idea of creating a custom theme, but later I decided to make a plugin only for my community
But what is better than open source? So that’s why I finally made it public :smile:


As you pointed out in the PR, people will need to add to their content security policy script src setting.