Careful with dynamic date updates

Saw this today on our internal instance

I don’t have rights in this instance to see exactly what he typed to get that effect, but… I’m thinking maybe never sub-in relative dates (yesterday, today, tomorrow).

Because this introduces real ambiguity. Did he mean

  • “yesterday” when he posted 3d ago?
  • is this today’s “yesterday”?
  • is he a time traveler and where is the blue police box?

From seeing it elsewhere, it means yesterday, as in (In that post) when the post was 2 days old.

I’m pretty sure this is updated relatively to the current time.

So, it would be “Yesterday” from today.

You can click the timestamp to have more details:



Yes, and tomorrow it will go back to saying Wednesday and presumably next week it will say October 11.

Not the point.

What I’m seeing today is genuinely confusing.

It is following setting relative date duration, isn’t it?

The way how anglos are seeing time and date is very confusing indeed, but such relative ones are always against current and reader’s subjective time. Or is out there places where the situation is different?

Edit: oh, I missed that 3d vs yesterday totally. Yes, that is confusing.

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I agree - yesterday at 11 am is not 3 days ago. That IS confusing…

Ooh I get it. Yes, indeed, it is confusing. :slight_smile: