Case sensitivity in links to groupname

In one of the volunteer groups we’re using links to pre-populate PMs to groups.

A link to a username such as stephen corrects the capitalization in the PM window.

example 1
example 2

it doesn’t happen for a groupname:

example 1
example 2

And only throws an error when you go to send the PM:

One of the users you are sending this message to could not be found.


This bug is not probably limited only to groups.

I’ve got this error when sending to multiple users at once from copy/pasted list. All usernames were correctly inserted (and have their X next to a name) so I suppose that they were found.


Haven’t seen the actual code and I don’t know if it is workable, but it would be great if this error could specify which username in particular it has on mind :slight_smile:

I did test usernames above and it appeared to work, as a follow-up I will test multiple simultaneous recipients.


Thanks! My usernames are not corrected… But I’m not on the very latest. This must be new fix… I’ll update.

Strange. I’ve updated to latest and this issue persists…

I’m pretty confused, because it seems like I can add even non-existing users and (x) is displayed next to their name… So usernames are not corrected automatically when inserting into PM?

I think that adding information about which user was not found into error message would be very helpful.


My use case is inserting 50 members by copy-paste and there are evidently some letters not written in proper case. The only solution for me is to invite them into message one by one.

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Fixed via:


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