Catch-All Issue for Reply in Email

So I am currently setting everything up on AWS for discourse, and because I need to comply with certain laws I need to have the email hosted on it as well using WorkMail. Now, as of right now workmail doesn’t have a catch all address and can’t let me create a rule to redirect / forward an email when it was sent to an address that doesn’t exist.

There are some hacky solutions I could do in terms of publishing something to SES and posting with discourse API, but I was wondering if someone has any thoughts on how to fix this so users can reply / start topics by email?

Another solution, is there a way to setup discourse to send it to an email address (like and CC it to the actual email needed for the topic (like


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You can add addresses to categories and groups such that sending there posts. Is that what you need or did I miss something about yourv complications?

Yes, I am aware of the categories setting to specify an email, but what about a specific topic? If a user wants to reply to a topic they are replying to an email that looks like (because its specific to the topic as far as I understand). So this is generated per topic and obviously thats too many aliases to add.

I’m trying to have the SES send the email, and when they reply to it the MX server at amazon receives it and redirects it to the general replies@ email with the full email address of

Did you have some thoughts on this @pfaffman?

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We use this solution for our customers and it works :thumbsup:

The advantage of this solution is that you don’t have to wait for the “email polling” period. You get the incoming email as soon as it is received :wink:

Hey @zogstrip well thats good to hear! Would you be able to share what you’ve found as the best implementation? Were you able to subscribe directly to SNS topic or did you setup some sort of Lambda function?

I didn’t mean the SES part but the “use the API” part. I have no idea what’s best between using SES or Lambda.

After some investigation I actually found this tool that can forward SES to SNS and then to Lambda then you can just forward it to your general email for inbound email where Discourse will poll for new emails.


Seriously… Why AWS does not have this in their WorkMail “solution”… Is there any other way around this?