Categories/Latest view live update

As noted here, the split categories/latest view doesn’t “live update” to show new topics. It is also missing the “last visited” line, which makes it inferior to the full “latest” page. It would be great if these features can be added to the split view.


Agree, we do want to get this fixed, PM list also has this problem.

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Any update on this? My users seem to really prefer the Category view as their home page but they are missing out on the neat live updates because of it.

PM list now works correctly, we will improve the split view


I think we solved this recently @jean.perez some discussion is here:

Perhaps worth posting some screenshots and closing this off Jean?

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Yes, this is solved now. Here’s a screenshot. :wink:

I’ll improve its position in the next iteration. I’ll move it to the right side, on top of the latest section.
I already have another task assigned for that.