See # new or updated topics link is not working

I am using 2.8.0.beta7 on and for some time this month the link for the notification about updated topic count is not clickable. When user clicks on the link nothing happens.

I searched the forum here to see if anybody else had similar problem and I found this topic - See # new or updated topics which seems to be closed and fixed. But I am still experiencing this. Is there any way to get more information and report this?

Thank you

Can you confirm you deployed latest?

hey @raghukamath, I went to your site and waited for a new topic to appear.

I clicked on it and it did display the new topic.


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Just a quick note here, we think we have a repro here and have an engineer assigned to have a look. May take a few weeks to get to it.

Keep in mind this only impacts a new feature which (live updates on the categories page) historically we did not have this update panel there.

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Yes I don’t see any update notification in the admin panel and also to be sure I ran an upgrade.

We believe this may be related to topic list previews, can you try disabling this plugin and see if the issue persists? We already let @merefield know.


The plugin is now deprecated in favour of the Theme Component version.

Let me know if the issue persists there, but I’ve done a quick check and it seems to be a non-issue with the TC.


I have now switched to the theme component and also the sidecar plugin. I am testing it , I will report in few hours.

Update: I enabled the theme component and the problem persists with it. the feature works when TC and the plugin is not enabled. I will test more and see if it works if I disable the sidecar plugin etc.
Console shows error - Uncaught TypeError: this.model.loadBefore is not a function

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Got it. I see it is restricted to Categories page and only when you have a topic list.

@raghukamath I believe this is now resolved in the fix I’ve deployed. Please update the TC and confirm.

Thanks to @jean.perez for drawing my attention to the core change :+1:


Is the problem I reported a week ago related to this?

Hi @Beckfield.

I’m the person looking into the issue you reported. Initially, I thought this was related to your report, but I see it’s different.

This banner only updates the latest topics, not categories, but it is positioned in a confusing spot where you might think it would update categories as well.

When I click the banner on your site, it reloads the latest topics, but not categories, which is expected. This behavior wasn’t the case for the OP, as the topic list wasn’t refreshing on that site.

However, I’m working on a fix to move the banner above the latest topics columns instead.
This fix might take some effort to get into production as I have to be sure this doesn’t break existing functionality on some customers’ customizations, but I’ll keep you informed when it goes live.


Thanks. I appreciate the info.