See # new or updated topics

This is not happening on my forum, only here on Meta.

I see a message at the top to “See (number) new or updated topics” and it appears to be clickable, but I cannot click on it.

In the screenshot below, it says there are 7 new or updated topics, and I can see that there are 2 new topics. Is this supposed to be clickable? And if not, what’s the purpose?


This seems like a bug to me, I don’t think we usually show the updated topic banner on category pages?

Probably related to

cc @jean.perez


This was requested by a customer but for their homepage. I will modify this so it only works when you use the categories and latest topics as your homepage.


Could we make it work even when Categories is not the homepage? It seems quite useful!

At Categories - Discourse Meta I see the same issue as @Slowhand. This is the error I get in the JS console when clicking the banner:

_application-c2a0db4315cc80bfd24dd0b2344da96b.js:2135 Uncaught TypeError: this.model.loadBefore is not a function
    at n.showInserted (_application-c2a0db4315cc80bfd24dd0b2344da96b.js:2135)
    at n.send (_vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:2198)
    at _vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:1177
    at o (_vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:2785)
    at _vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:1177
    at e.n._run (_vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:4034)
    at e.n._join (_vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:4033)
    at e.n.join (_vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:3999)
    at f (_vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:2870)
    at e.t.handler (_vendor-4a6fd1a2419a7fc9ac9b367a3ed0e00d.js:1176)

Yes, I will work on it. The weird thing is that this works for me, even here on Meta. What browser are you using?

Thanks, this gives me a pretty good hint.

I’m using latest Chrome on latest macOS

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I’m using Chrome (up to date) on Windows 10 PC (also up to date)

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Interestingly, when I visited in a fresh tab, the banner worked. But when I visit /categories via a link from somewhere else in the Ember app, the error occurs.

(I haven’t rigorously tested that idea, so it could be totally wrong)


This PR should solve the issue. Thank you all for reporting it and help me figure out the problem.


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