Categories Mailing List Notifications Glitch


I’m hoping to get support to deal with a notifications issue. When our discourse was created, it was made so people could opt in or our of email notifications for different advocacy groups/lists. Its important that our members have that option but not sure if through a glitch etc that mailing list part+ category is missing. We have the most updated discourse and I haven’t changed anything from the admin panel. Recently we did change our DNS hosting but I doubt that would impact this. I’ve attached two screenshots, or a before and after of what it looks like. Hope I can get some help with this.

Before ( screenshot of instructions on how to change their settings)

Now ( nothing appers)

Let me know what I can do. Thanks!

I have the GitHub - HappyPorch/discourse-mailing-list-user-preferences: Plugin that adds a new section to the user preferences in Discourse where the user can manage the notifications for all available categories. plugin- wondering if there’s something with it?

That’s a third-party plugin and it hasn’t been updated in three years.

It’s very likely to be broken, you could try reaching out to @tomve to ask if he’s still maintaining it.


hi @tomve I already sent you a message on slack, but let me know when you can help with this.