Email notifications don't get sent on category change for mailing list mode users

Repo steps:

  1. Set a user account to mailing list mode.
  2. Post a topic in a secure category that the user doesn’t have access to (e.g. Staff)
  3. Change the category to of the topic to a public category that the user does have access to
  4. The mailing list mode user will never get an email notification of the topic

This affects us on a regular basis because we typically jointly compose topics in a DRAFT mode in our staff category before pushing them out to our users. We also have several power users in our forum that use mailing list mode to make sure they “don’t miss anything” and of course, in this case, they end up missing some of our most public announcements.

More background:

Continuing the discussion from Mailing list mode user not getting emails and not appearing in skipped_email_logs:

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