Displaying tags on homepage like this

hi all,

Is there a way to display tags inside the categories on the homepage?

At first, I thought this site was doing just that:

But it turns out, those greyed boxes are categories!

I would really like to display custom tag groups in those spaces. Is there a theme or someway else to do this?


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Can you clarify your request a little? Do you want a homepage that just shows your tags? Or something more?

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Here is a picture of what I’ve got working right now, annotated with what I’d like.

Basically: show tags in the categories homepage.


Something like this would be great. I am not yet sure exactly what I would want (not sure about the OP) but would certainly like some way to organize and display tags on the landing page like categories are displayed.

One potential problem is that categories and posts are orthogonal: Auto-populating tags would be nice at first, but could be problematic given that there could be a huge proliferation of tags. Also, there would likely be redundancy as topics appear in different categories.

Perhaps being able to manually add some tags along with the categories could be useful.

The problem I am trying to solve is that I have some tags that I want to display on the landing page, but which span multiple categories. While ultimately these should probably appear in a reorganized category structure, in the interim, I don’t know how to display them on the homepage.



Here are some related posts I am finding as I look for options: