Category Banners component not compatible with 3.2.0.beta2

I updated the category-banners component yesterday on a site running 3.2.0.beta2 and the banners no longer appear. I think it is because of this change:

In particular, I think this change causes the component to require API version 1.15.0, whereas the latest beta is only at 1.14.0.

From a quick look, I can see that the component requires 1.13.0 for renderInOutlet, but I don’t think it should require 1.14.0 or 1.15.0, should it?

Have you done a rebuild lately? I suspect that you need a new base image.


Thank you very much for the reply. I’m sure you are correct that the component works on the latest tests-passed version, but I prefer to stick to the beta releases when possible. My post was partly meant to be a warning to anyone else who sticks to the betas like me, and partly a hint to the team that perhaps the API version requirement for this component is more strict than it needs to be.

I think it’s a bug because the .discourse-compatibility file specifically lists revision 1398eeeff550c1da186a47b6d3878d3230f62340 as working with 3.2.0.beta2, and I don’t think there’s any way it can.

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Are you running a particular version of a beta tag? If so, can you let me know which beta tag you are on so that I can have a look?

In the compatibility file we have < 3.2.0.beta2: 1398eeeff550c1da186a47b6d3878d3230f62340 which states the any Discourse version smaller than 3.2.0.beta2 will pin the theme to the 1398eeeff550c1da186a47b6d3878d3230f62340 commit hash.

Hi @tgxworld, thank you for the reply.

Yes, I’m running the v3.2.0.beta2 tag (be04154838):

The plugin API version supported by this release is 1.14.0:

Revision 1398eeeff550c1da186a47b6d3878d3230f62340 of discourse-category-banners requires API version 1.15.0, which is not available in v3.2.0.beta2

API version 1.15.0 was added in this commit:

…which has not been released as a beta yet.

To resolve this, I think that the theme component could just require API version 1.13.0 instead (the one that introduced api.renderInOutlet), which is part of v3.2.0.beta2.


@simonk Thank you for doing the digging. This is a bug on our end and I have fixed this in


@tgxworld thank you! I can confirm that the component is working again on my site running v3.2.0.beta2 :+1:

I wonder if you should edit the .discourse-compatibility file though. At the moment, anyone running versions between 3.1.999 and 3.2.0.beta2 will be given a version that depends on plugin API version 1.15.0. They should probably be pinned to 65a2cfc43fb5f6ffd2f8db3888552594ed21c501 instead (the commit before the refactor).

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