Category Calendar with defaultView="listNextYear" not showing events

I have given that a run-through as well, and it seems to be working okay for me. Just to confirm I’m doing it right… :slight_smile:

  • Create topic for calender with this code in the OP:

  • Add reply to the calendar topic with an event. eg:
It's my birthday!
[date-range from=2022-08-27 to=2022-08-27 timezone="Europe/London"]
  • In Calendar settings, set eg categoryId=37;postId=1084;defaultView=listNextYear in calendar categories

Which gives this above the category I selected to home it:


Yes that is exactly what I’m doing. Strange it is not working for me, it did work in the past tho.

Hi @JammyDodger, I’m running into the same problem on our company’s staging site. I followed your steps and nothing show up.

However, when I used the Event plugin and had the events calendar categories option turned on, and created an event within that category, it showed up just fine.


This is interesting. I’m not sure what I’m doing differently that makes mine show up. :thinking: Did you get yours working in the end @MarcP?

I don’t think calendar (category) is supposed to show events, but dates (official plugin)

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Nope it’s still not working! Ended up not using it anymore.

@Benjamin_D it is. It used to work in the past. The calendar widget should be able to be displayed above a category.


I think my run-through was too simple after all. I’ll have a deeper dive and see if I can pin down what I’m missing (and hopefully land on a fix of some sort :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:)

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You did exactly how it’s supposed to be (and worked for me in the past). That’s why I’m confused about it.

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:thinking: I think categorization of events does work with the pavilion plugin: Events Plugin 📆
I’ve never seen it work with the official calendar plugin, which had some event functionality added a few years ago.
[calendar] is meant to display the [date] s of its topic, that’s why the option category calendar asks for a postId.
[event] s of the whole site are only displayed in the calendar of the route upcoming-events (which is also make with the js lib fullcalendar, as the calendar ones )

edit: my bad, never seen this one:

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So if I understand correctly, you’re trying to display the events of a particular category in a calendar with a defaultView parameter leveraging the fact that this parameter is accepted in the calendar categories option (but not in the events calendar categories though) and FEATURE: add events calendar on the category page (#248) · discourse/discourse-calendar@b900276 · GitHub

If a category is present in both events calendar categories and calendar categories then priority is given to calendar categories

hum, can’t make that work, but would be nice indeed :sweat_smile:

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This is a feature of the Calendar Plugin:

I never had the events plugin installed.

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I really don’t think it is. Let’s recap:

  • the official calendar plugin is twofold, calendar and event
  • the calendar feature is older and meant to display holidays and various dates via the markdown [date=....]
  • the event feature ([event ...])was added later and let us RSVP for instance (it can be enabled independently but is installed along the discourse-calendar plugin), events are displayed in a calendar which is not build from a [calendar] [/calendar] markdown somewhere in a post but via a specific route: /upcoming-events
  • the calendar categories allows us to specify options such as default view but not the events calendar categories these two work very differently (as far as I understand)

a category’s calendar for regular date exists already in some post, is retrieved and then the options are added, here
but an event category’s calendar is created just for the occasion, events are retrieved per category and added, but no options are passed.

To summarize, a category calendar is not supposed to display events, an event category calendar is, but doesn’t allow any of the options that a category calendar allows.

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Not sure if I’m following.

I used to add events by posting text + date in a topic. It will show in the [calendar] tag in the first post of that topic.

Then the setting I screenshotted let us show that calendar on the top of a category setting. That setting describes (as seen on the screenshot): display a calendar on top of a category. It gets the calendar from a topic ID you provide and places it above the category ID you provide.

Maybe something changed with the events plugin but I never used that.

All this is unrelated to events plugin I think, because I never installed that and it used to work as described above.

As shown here, events is related to forum wide events. Calendar is related to a topic based calendar, which is what we are talking about.

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Ah yes! these are dates, events are more like this:

with that as raw:

[event start="2022-07-22 10:12" status="public" name="testegsdg" url="test" end="2022-07-22 11:12" allowedGroups="trust_level_0"]
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Exactly. Events feature is not used if that plugin is not installed. The settings I shared do show the calendar above the topic, just not the event items (or let’s call them calendar items to avoid confusion with events). While that same calendar widget shows the calendar items in the first post of the topic.

Hope that clears up what this topic is about.



ok, so now why doesn’t it work for you? :thinking:
from the screenshot above, why the X in front of categoryId ?


The X is like disable :rofl: so I can save the setting and enable it if the bug ever gets solved, without losing my settings.

Why it doesn’t work is a great question. Even tried a brand new calendar in New topic to see if something was wrong with the “old” calendar topic.


A difference between your setup and mine I could think of, except for the versions of the discourse and plugin ( 2.9.0.beta6 ( 09f1ef6b05 ) and latest btw), is the fact that I have the event feature enable and you don’t, could you try to enable it?

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I’ve been working on merging the Calendar and Event plugin topics to try and smooth out some of these details, so hopefully I will be super-knowledgable about this plugin by the time I’m finished. :slight_smile:


I tested (without a difference) but completely forgot to reply. This didn’t help.

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